It all started in January

You passed me by

I heaved a sigh

You stole my breath

I can’t deny

With February came the epic day

You stood by with a piercing gaze

My heart stopped and skipped a beat

you came and ask ‘”will you go out with me ?”


Days passed by and before we knew

March had come with all its dew

One fine morning you called me up

Proposed to me your undying love


April breezed in, unnoticed

in seventh heaven we both lived

Hugs and kisses, holding hands

Slowly and surely brewed romance


In May things heated up

Fighting shouting crying enough

You told me stuff you had not meant

Heck, even I did the same


Things were the same even in June

By now we knew this was love’s rule

Ignoring the hurt buried the ego

With just faith we went with the flow


With July came playful rain

Washed away the sinful pain

It was April all over again

Love triumphed with some help from rain


September was a messy month

Some of your “secrets” were unearthed

My friends told me you were seeing her

The girl you’d dumped last summer


Streaks of doubt in the heart

October had a morbid start

Confrontations did take place

The truth made my heart to break


November and its chilly winds

Loosened all the bonding strings

It was hard to hold on

Big fat tears were rolling down


December brought the epic end

We parted ways my dear friends

He with her and me alone

Life moved on but very slow


Twelve months of fruitless love

Twelve months of pointless pain

Moments lost in a dreamworld

Only to find them washed away