When All You Were Is No More

We are all running around in this world, one corner to the other. Finding ourselves, making ends meet or may be just for the sake of it. We form these principles in our head, these images of who we are and what we should be. And its a constant struggle to keep that image alive. Proving things to the world and mostly to ourselves. At the end of a day, we look back, and go “i held myself up, i remained what i should be.”

But then there comes a time, when that picture of yourself you had conjured is torn down to tiny pieces. You don’t know what you ought to be anymore ’cause all you thought you were, all you believed you are, has disappeared in front of you and you are exposed. You don’t know what to do, how to do and most importantly      why to do things anymore because all you are is no more..

And these are the times when we are presented with an opportunity. A chance to choose. To choose what you want to be, how you want to be, and who you ought to be. It’s a chance to build yourself from scratch. All that was is no more. It’s a blank canvas for you to paint on. And it’s your choice whether you want to choose the dark shades or light ones or may be combine the both. In the end what you will get, is a masterpiece. It won’t be up for an auction for you are the sole owner. Your very own creation-creation of character, creation of self that compliments the creation of the Divine.

So, when life breaks you down, don’t be hopeless. For it’s not a time to sob for yourself(okay, maybe you can sob a little and let it all out and then go on to discover a new you!). It’s a time to take control and build yourself all over again. Undo the wrongs, take a step towards perfecting what was a mess before.  Because, what might look like a curse can be the universe, giving you a chance to grow stronger and be nourished in wisdom.




Every night I go to sleep,
With little hope, a little faith
That tomorrow will magickaly be
A little better than today.

When my sleep breaks tomorrow
Woken by the pure sun,
I dare to dream that liberty,
Will reach the women of this earth.

That, women will walk free again
Free from fear, doubt, and oppression
Or may be I’m just dreaming big
Ladies: Ditch the ladle and hold the gun!

For too long we’ve asked for compassion,
Pity is not what we need.
Show them if we can give them birth,
If need be we can tear their limbs!

No matter how much we progress;
On their table we have to put food.
For if they want they can snatch away
Our freedom, with their show of manhood

If we are bold and independent,
They label us “slut” “whore” and “undomesticated”.
And still if they can’t curb our spirit,
They rape our body just to be authoritative.

But too long we have wept in silence,
For even the sun will feel ashamed to rise;
If we don’t fight for our integrity,
More of us will be disgraced and left to die.

Today you weep for a stranger,
Tomorrow it’ll be your neighbor.
And even before you know any good,
Your turn would have surely come.

Change can’t be brought from heaven,
Oh no! For change comes from within.
And till the shameless change themselves,
Let’s scare those bastards to give in.

Every night I go to sleep
With little hope, a little faith
That soon I don’t have to hope
For humanity to be regained.