Sneak Peak ;)

Since You are reading my what goes on inside my head, it’s but natural you should know a little about me. So here it goes!

  • I am an eccentric person with bipolar mood swings. One day i may be bright as sunshine, the next day i might sulk like a goth chick! *cringe*

  • I love cooking. I believe it’s the best form of therapy. When i am angry as hell with someone, you will find me cooking up a storm in the kitchen. The bangs of pans make my mother go crazy 😛

  • I am an absolute foodie. But obviously. Italian and Indian street food just drives me nuts.*grin* And I am a compulsive binger. Needless to say i am fighting a little weight i put on from time to time. *sigh*

  • My comfort reads are Paulo Coelho books, my favourite being The Witch Of Portobello. Its just so empowering and uplifting. Touches my soul every single time.

  • My playlist comprises of everything. literally everything. Except death metal. That’s the only genre i don’t understand. *sigh* So you would find Evanescence to Mindy Gledhill, Beethoven to Backstreet boys, Celtic Woman to FloRida. You get the drift.

  • I am a little bit of a singer too. Mostly bathroom stuff you can say. But i can be pretty good if i want to be. *wink* The guitar is on its way ! And I love dancing. Put me on a dance floor and i would literally “scream and shout and let it all out” !!

  • I am a big time lazy bum. I know it won’t get me anywhere. Working on it. *big grin*

  • Lastly, I want to evolve. I don’t want to be stagnant. I want to go on learning, absorb everything like a sponge, then spit out what i feel is not needed. I want to keep on growing and want the power to accept change, as change is the only constant.

Yours Truly

Yours Truly


2 thoughts on “Sneak Peak ;)

  1. Wanting to evolve strikes a chord with me 🙂 I know there’s the person I was born as, and there’s a very different person that I will become. They are infinitely far away from each other, but the journey in fun. Keep writing, have a nice existence. 🙂

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