The Craziness of Love

I see stars on a night when the sky is clouded,
I feel warmth of the sun when rain comes pouring,
I feel the wind soothing my core,
But no, today is not windy…

The trees seems so green, I know its autumn,
The moon seems so perfect though
It’s not full yet,
I know this is crazy, but suddenly
I like the rain…

Yes, it’s such a cliché
But love can never change,
The feelings it rises will remain the same,

How funny that out of the blue
I’m humming along to some trashy love song,
And my favorite on TV
Is nothing but some stupid bollywood love movie!
And it just gets worse…

Now all the scenes are relatable,
Making silly heart signs are lovable,
Crying to every “emotional” scene becomes a routine
And the worst part..I love doing it all

Oh what a mess,
If only I knew,
That love would bring all this
I’d have bailed long ago!
Or may be..No…

Cuz, I don’t mind these side effects
As long as I have you
M ready to bear with all of it
And much more

The sky never appeared bluer
Before I met you
So I wouldn’t trade it for anything
Not even for my sanity…