And riding through the ups and lows, we have reached the end of yet another year. Sometimes its a wonder how the days go by. as the year starts, we are constantly craving for some or the other time, date, season or festival to arrive as soon as it can; we wish for them to arrive fast so that we can enjoy those times, celebrate gloriously. Some of us wish for a period of time to go by fast for a number of reasons- may be it is a difficult time, we are stuck in situations where we can’t adjust, or may be just because we assume that the future would be so much better, so we wish the present goes quickly by.

And then even before we realise, the time has gone, the awaited hours have arrived, but there is nothing much special about it as we had dreamed of.
Disappointment engulfs us mostly because we skipped enjoying those particular moments which we had wished would end as early as it can be. we miss out on those precious hours longing for a time which has no surety of coming. Imagine all the things we could have done, how the memories would have been altered if we lived  those times differently, with a different approach, a different perspective. and we end up regretting.
So lets promise ourselves, to find joy in each situation, and if some situations are not joyous, take them in our stride as an assignment of self-growth, an opportunity of learning and discovery. Lets not, in the end of another year, be left with bitter memories, particularly those kinds which could have been different if we were different.
Lets melt in to the coming year, a little wiser and a whole lot happier, because happiness is not a place or thing, it is in fact a state of mind. 😉
happy new year’s eve my friends !