The Message

Did u get my message ?

The scented paper

With a Touch of satin

Rolled up and tied ?


The piece of parchment

A little browned

Letters of gold

Carrying my heart?


With little dots of

Tiny hearts with

Our initials on

The outer side ?


The wretched paper

Rendered wet

With splashes of tears

On the letterhead ?


The one I sent

Through a little dove

With a rose in its beak

The letter tied to its foot ?


Did u get my message ?

I hope u did for

I am waiting out

Here in the cold

In my princess gown

To be swept up my feet

To be courted with

To be loved and adored

With you growing old

But it’s getting late

With no sign of u

So I sit myself down

Take a look around

And I hear a voice, Inside my head

“Did you send the message ?..”




Treading down a well known path

I found myself a little lost

Lost in thought and in way

A little frown my brows did cross


Wondering where I’ve stumbled to

Trying to figure a quick way out

Round and round I circled shrubs

I failed to figure my way about


Tired of trying I did give up

I sat down thus, on a fallen log

Lady sleep came calling me

Gate to dreamland, I went and knocked


I danced around, my boots kicked off

Night time creatures held my hands

I toasted with wine and drank it too

Making merry on the forest sands


I felt a quiver, a chirping sound

My eyes opened to bunnies and birds

They disappeared as soon as I woke

I woke up to that familiar world


The same old trees and bushes I’d seen

I recognized the road to home

I took to kitchen, baked some goodies

Reminiscing the night in morn


It felt so real the dream that is

 I felt my feet sore from the dance

I laid down on my bed and thought

‘To relive the night is what I want’


But never did I dream again

As lucid as that night I hark

For never more have I felt alive

Than that time, I’d danced in the dark.