A distant dream..

its two in the morning and i’m still restless. i talk to my boyfriend yet i feel i’m not in the conversation entirely. i don’t want to linger unnecessarily so i hang up the call and start writing this down.

our subconscious mind is a devil in disguise; though we think we are not thinking about a certain situation, the things we want to avoid are still going through our subconscious. so though we are actively not engaging in certain thoughts, our passive mind fills in the gap. and these thoughts of the subconscious surface when we are alone at night, unable to sleep, or talk to people who actually matter.

these thoughts are vicious, they tend to make us fight with our heart as to why we were so stupid as to not understand the true colours of some people whom we gave allowance to come into our lives. sometimes life seems to be big a masquerade ball where we go on dancing with unknown people who may very well be traitors in disguise. and then a time comes when we near the end of the party and the people are unmasked one by one showing who they REALLY are. in the end either we are happy or we are heartbroken to see who is behind the mask..

if its a heartbreak we are first sad then angry and finally we grow bitter. and though the person was a total crap..you did have a great time dancing..and you can’t deny that.

it seems like a distant dream..

the memories are strong yet the essence of the moment is lost in bitterness..we feel far way from it..yet so near that may be we could live it all over again. may be even heartbreaks give a sweet gift..the gift of nostalgia..so powerful that its bound to make our heart jump.

so though the dream is distant, yet in some nights it will visit you..don’t shy away my beautiful mates, grab the moment and dance again..