he Drowns in notes, 
floats on Strings. 
Oblivious to her, a mortal being. 

Tamed by lashes, 
her smiles divine. 
but his Meanings lost once off sight. 

he Minstrels at twilight, 
she searches for songs. 
One to keep love and carry on. 

The silvers Ooze, 
hugs the carefree breeze. 
quaint Whispers of worldly deeds. 

The pools of love 
within her Mess, 
had Encaged the soul- of her Careless. 



The Kiss of Winter

She dropped her pearls by the bed side.
Morning came and it was time to hide.
Those pretty pearls were scattered round,
Like dew drops on a mellow winter ground
She sneaked out from those broken panes
That hadn’t been repaired since last fall;
And landed on the withered leaves.
Bruised a little, she left a red trail.
Had to hurry, they’d waited long
But then her mind said, catch some breath girl, hum a song!
And so the damsel stepped in graceful tones,
To satiate the thirst for cold.
She tread long paths, in sprightly moves
Opened her wings. Flew a kiss.
Put the saplings to a deep sleep.
Hummed that song, gave drowsy eyes
To each one she was passing by!
Her milky skin was shedding love
Covering all that she could see.
Touch of a misunderstood mother;
The life beneath snuggled tight.
It’s a long time for summer to reach,
It was time for a comfort sleep.
She bent down in her silver gown
Picked the pearls that’d fallen down
Strung them back, oh how they shone!
She ascended up to her darkened throne. 




Drunken joy, drunken bliss
Drunken with the sexy lips
Catering to all those needs,
Drunken lust to sweat the sheets..

Drunken dream, drunken eyes
Drunken by the pretty smiles
Locked in hell for the trials,
Drunken, oh my lover’s cries..

Drunken drama, drunken lies
Drunken till the precipice
Power struggles of the mind,
Drunken love doesn’t melt the ice..




Soul Searching

Life presents us with strange situations. situations which are covert, unobtrusive, and might not really mean anything. But they are there, staring at you, waiting to be explored, to be thought about. Every day you wake up, go about, minding your business, completing chores, finishing deadlines, meeting up people, having fun. Normal life, the way things flow. And then one day, you wake up in the morning, get out of the bed, try to commence the day like always, but something just doesn’t feel right. There’s a sinking feeling in your stomach, and you feel out of touch with reality. You sit yourself down, and think why you feel that way. There’s no plausible explanation, you didn’t have a break up, you didn’t fight with your mates, work is on track, family is good, in other words- life is good. Yet you have this empty feeling inside, that stings in a way which makes you feel that you aren’t doing it right. May be, just may be, what you have is not what you wanted. Granted there are people who might give anything to be in your place, yet it’s not what you wanted. And then after much probing into your thoughts, you discover, this feeling comes from a place in you which wants more than the worldly life you possess. What you desire is fulfillment, the feeling of being complete on your own. You put the thought away, and think, “Oh nonsense! I have a great life. What more can a person want? I need to get going.” And you brush aside those thoughts. You concentrate on your life, which might be termed exciting by others, but for you it’s just another day, doing the same things you did yesterday, may be in a different manner, but nothing new about it. And through the day in bits of odd hours, that thought nags you, making you jittery and preoccupied. As the days go by, You see yourself slowly detach from the life you cherished even a few days ago.

Isn’t such a situation overwhelming and daunting? What do we do when we are faced by such times, where we start questioning ourselves? Questioning every aspect of our lives? Questioning every decision we have ever made? Questioning our own identity? Well it’s quiet simple isn’t it? The answer i presume, lies in the question itself. We have to redefine our identities, not to the world, But to ourselves!

Ask yourself, what you truly want, and strive for it. Whatever it is! If you settle for anything else, you’ll be haunted by that sinking nagging and hollow feeling your entire life. It’s never too late to go in for self evaluation. Travel through time, go backwards, and rethink all those decisions you took. Think about the relationships you destroyed, the relationships you built, the people you pushed away and the people you embraced. Think about the way you hurt people, and the way you loved people. Think about the hundred things you wish you had done differently. For in time and memories do we find the answers to the questions of which we have no answers. Yes you can’t change those moments but you can heal, and figure out what you truly want and how you truly wish to behave. Because sometimes we do a lot of things to please the crowd, to blend in but what we really do in those moments is cheat ourselves and our values, which aren’t taught but are just ingrained in your very being.

Don’t lose yourself in an attempt to have the “ideal life” notion of the world. Whats ideal for others is not ideal for you, so you should never give in till you get to the end of the tunnel! Because when realisations dawn, people think it’s too late to act. But know this, it’s never too late to set things right. Never. 🙂



Ten reasons I don’t want to be in a relationship right now (not even with a Greek god)


So, post break up you will suddenly see the environs around you change. Your guy friends all get super mushy and feely with you. Someone suddenly finds you attractive. The other one “always had a crush on you.” One will try to be your best friend. And one whack job starts to virtual stalk you (speaking of virtual, that a WHOLE different change of environs, but that’s another story). My point is, the guys think that the coast is clear, the chair is empty, chick’s ready to be tried on, or whatever the heck goes on inside the male brains! You try to be courteous, you try being a snob, you try straight forward but somehow the problem is never truly solved. It’s as if, since you are single now you have to choose someone super fast, ‘cause it’s a crime not to do so!

But a no is a no is a no! There are various ways of saying a no, and each one simplifies into only one hard-to-swallow truth: NO!
Then they go, “Why?”

Why you ask? Fine! I will give you ten big fat reasons for your WHY!!! 

  • I sat on my rose tinted glasses through which I saw romance.They broke. Plain and simple. And I cannot afford to get them fixed or get new ones! The fairytalesque notions of romance are no longer there. Its appears to be a piece of blob from where I stand.  No mushy feeling arise in me. I don’t feel my breath taken away. Taylor Swift songs don’t stir me anymore. Buy me flowers, take me to dinner, and quote Shakespeare. Anything tickles inside my stomach? Na-da.
  • I am sick of the big fat male ego.Yes you heard me right! Each one of you. All your ego. All that male egotism. Sick of it. I am tired of your childlike behavior. All that psychotic possessiveness drama. DO NOT come up to me and say not all males are like that. Each single one of you has that streak, just waiting to be explored. And while it can be sexy at times, I’m sorry at this point of time I can’t gobble it anymore. 
  • I can to do WHATEVER I want.For a change I want to do whatever the heck my whims command me to do. I don’t care if it’s crazy. I don’t care if it’s pointless. I certainly don’t care if it’s boring for guys! I want to lie on my bed all day counting imaginary stars. I want to eat a whole tub of coffee ice cream without thinking how much weight I am gonna gain, and if my boyfriend is going to hate me for it. I want to go and stare at clothes at the mall ALL day without someone nagging me that their feet are killing them. And maybe, even on a bright sunny day, I have ABSOLUTELY no wish to go out and frolic wherever the heck you want to take me. I’d rather curl up with my cat. I just remembered I don’t have a cat. Whatever.
  • I can talk to whoever I wish to talk to; can go out with them too!No more snubbing people (read boys) just because my “better half” doesn’t approve of them. I WILL talk to that guy even if he is a complete jerk. I will give my number to a Facebook friend. I might just go out for a coffee with that guy who wants to take me to a coffee just like that. You know why? ‘Cause I CAN handle myself! I can handle my own situations. I do not need a boy friend to act like a pseudo-parent!
  • I have all the space I need! I do not have to wake up every morning and write a good morning in a clerk like manner. Everyday. I will say good morning some days, some days I won’t. I don’t have to inform each and every thing I am doing. I don’t have to text alert my guy, each time I leave the house or return. I don’t have to justify why I took the long way home, instead of the short and safe one. I took the long way home simply because I wanted to take the long way home. There is no rocket science involved in that decision!
  • Clothing sovereignty. I will wear any kind of cloth that piques my desire. I don’t have to care what my boy friend will think about it. I don’t care if that dress grabs some attention. I don’t care if that top is a little too tight. Know why? I CAN take care of my clothes when they are on my body. I know how to maintain myself! It’s my body not yours. And I will certainly not dress keeping in mind if my boyfriend will be impressed. No one has the right to tell me what not to wear. Except my mommy. And the fashion police.
  • No more explaining to do! I don’t have to explain to anyone why I did this or why I didn’t do that. I don’t have to tell why I stayed back late at class. I don’t have to explain why I was talking to a complete stranger on road. I don’t have to explain why I can’t go meet someone. I don’t owe anyone any explanations whatsoever!
  • Drama makes me want to puke nowadays. Like seriously. I see around me, I notice all the mushy-ness of couples and my skin crawls back. No more lovey-dovey chats. No more dewy eyed staring games. No more calling each other with cutesy names for Christ’s sake! All this just makes me want to rush to the toilet and throw up. I don’t now how long this phase is going to last. But it’s certainly not fading away anytime soon.
  • No more stupid fighting! This is basically a follow up of the last point. Fights are a part of a relationship. But frankly they make my head burn! Couples cry, fight, throw abuses, and cut themselves (?!).Thank god I never had to face that last part. Why fight when things can be solved in a civilized manner? I know why. Because being in a relationship decays your grey cells and raging hormones take over which reduces you to the standard of a barbarian. That’s why.
  • May be I just want to be single? Yes. Yes. Yes. Unlike popular belief, some people just want to be alone, single, and quiet frankly, way more calm and healthy. I am in that zone now. So no point poking me. I am gonna read Eat Pray Love. I’m gonna stay single. You have a problem ? Go dive off a cliff. I wouldn’t even twitch.

May be it’s time to get myself a new cat now.

 Imageokay, may be that’s an exaggeration.