The Kiss of Winter

She dropped her pearls by the bed side.
Morning came and it was time to hide.
Those pretty pearls were scattered round,
Like dew drops on a mellow winter ground
She sneaked out from those broken panes
That hadn’t been repaired since last fall;
And landed on the withered leaves.
Bruised a little, she left a red trail.
Had to hurry, they’d waited long
But then her mind said, catch some breath girl, hum a song!
And so the damsel stepped in graceful tones,
To satiate the thirst for cold.
She tread long paths, in sprightly moves
Opened her wings. Flew a kiss.
Put the saplings to a deep sleep.
Hummed that song, gave drowsy eyes
To each one she was passing by!
Her milky skin was shedding love
Covering all that she could see.
Touch of a misunderstood mother;
The life beneath snuggled tight.
It’s a long time for summer to reach,
It was time for a comfort sleep.
She bent down in her silver gown
Picked the pearls that’d fallen down
Strung them back, oh how they shone!
She ascended up to her darkened throne. 



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