I Love You Till The End- Revisited

P.s. I love you is one of the most heartbreaking romances I’ve read. And the film, though doesn’t stick entirely to the story line, is a must-watch for Rom-com-aholics. It amazes me how love can shape a person’s life, dreams and aspirations. Love so pure and unadulterated. But there is this one particular song which touched me the most in the film. Still now whenever i hear it, i just want to stand still and feel the words and the music and dream of “that” kind of love.
Since i loved it so much, i thought i should write my own version of it.
So here is a set of lyrics i have written myself, with the same tune. 🙂

I just want to take you
Somewhere far away
Where there’ll be just the two of us
I just want to feel you bit more
Closer to my heart
And your skin, that touches me
The warmth it gives
I love you till he end..I love you till the end..

When the night is empty
Your heart beats I can feel
I can hear the thoughts running through your head
I can be your angel guiding
Through the mountain tops
I’ll keep you safe, in the dark
Trust me now
 I’ll love you til the end..I love you till the end

I just want to hold you
And gaze into your bright eyes
I can’t never, ever let you go
I just hope you’ll think of me even when i’m gone
You’ll be etched, in my heart
Forever love
I love you till the end..I love you till the end



9 thoughts on “I Love You Till The End- Revisited

  1. ah…..as good as the original…. Well ‘better’ if my
    opinion holds anywhere….

    lemme give you my reasons…
    one….it is patient in It’s lines and approach…
    two….It’s more of a soft flow and sits well with the
    entire scene…
    three….It’s a more of a poem than a song…

    I harbour no doubts that The Pogues would
    choose your lyrics…..if they had to choose…

    P.S. I love it…

  2. you make it sound really corny, you know…. loosen up a bit….

    I reached your WordPress page through Facebook…. some comment on Hershey’s bar and sanitary pads brought me here…. funny I know..

    nonetheless… It was a pleasure reading your ink … I’ll try to keep myself in the loop… and read the rest of your posts with time…. ciao woman…

  3. Oh yes I do… 😛

    besides…. Apologies for making this a wall for common chat…. I refrain myself usually…

    you may delete the comments as you please…

    Bonne nuit madame..

  4. Incredible about.You are a lady with the right concept of life.Wishing you all the best.Thank you for liking my post ( Remembrance ..) we live once its wise to do it the right way.jalal

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