Treading down a well known path

I found myself a little lost

Lost in thought and in way

A little frown my brows did cross


Wondering where I’ve stumbled to

Trying to figure a quick way out

Round and round I circled shrubs

I failed to figure my way about


Tired of trying I did give up

I sat down thus, on a fallen log

Lady sleep came calling me

Gate to dreamland, I went and knocked


I danced around, my boots kicked off

Night time creatures held my hands

I toasted with wine and drank it too

Making merry on the forest sands


I felt a quiver, a chirping sound

My eyes opened to bunnies and birds

They disappeared as soon as I woke

I woke up to that familiar world


The same old trees and bushes I’d seen

I recognized the road to home

I took to kitchen, baked some goodies

Reminiscing the night in morn


It felt so real the dream that is

 I felt my feet sore from the dance

I laid down on my bed and thought

‘To relive the night is what I want’


But never did I dream again

As lucid as that night I hark

For never more have I felt alive

Than that time, I’d danced in the dark.






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