Every night I go to sleep,
With little hope, a little faith
That tomorrow will magickaly be
A little better than today.

When my sleep breaks tomorrow
Woken by the pure sun,
I dare to dream that liberty,
Will reach the women of this earth.

That, women will walk free again
Free from fear, doubt, and oppression
Or may be I’m just dreaming big
Ladies: Ditch the ladle and hold the gun!

For too long we’ve asked for compassion,
Pity is not what we need.
Show them if we can give them birth,
If need be we can tear their limbs!

No matter how much we progress;
On their table we have to put food.
For if they want they can snatch away
Our freedom, with their show of manhood

If we are bold and independent,
They label us “slut” “whore” and “undomesticated”.
And still if they can’t curb our spirit,
They rape our body just to be authoritative.

But too long we have wept in silence,
For even the sun will feel ashamed to rise;
If we don’t fight for our integrity,
More of us will be disgraced and left to die.

Today you weep for a stranger,
Tomorrow it’ll be your neighbor.
And even before you know any good,
Your turn would have surely come.

Change can’t be brought from heaven,
Oh no! For change comes from within.
And till the shameless change themselves,
Let’s scare those bastards to give in.

Every night I go to sleep
With little hope, a little faith
That soon I don’t have to hope
For humanity to be regained.


6 thoughts on “EVERY NIGHT I GO TO SLEEP

  1. I being my usual mean self, rarely comment on posts, I’m a silent reader, yes may call me that.
    But, somewhere, after reading this, it struck a nerve (you know what I mean? )and I couldn’t help but comment.
    your composition is just what it should be, I won’t call it feminist, because I being a male (I know you are disgusted by some of my kind, but Well they aren’t actually of any kind ),understood the horror, I understand what you are saying. I hear you.
    I hope others do too, I have been seeing posts, pictures, what not, for the girl, (but I refrained from posting anything because I frankly thought I couldn’t make any difference at all, call it my cowardice, and I’m ashamed) and all I could find was people shared them in mock horror, because that was the trend, they had to show that they were mortally outraged, I mean how couldn’t they? but how many seriously care? you know it as well as I do. some made fun of it ,i cant say anything to then .I hope they ,all of them ,snap out of THEIR ignorance and get some real feelings. It’s good to know people care, your post showed it,Thank God some people with feelings are left.
    what happened to her, and a thousand others is horrible, disgusting, inhumane. I won’t ask the culprits to think about their mothers or sisters, because they aren’t human. they don’t have the most basic of things that make us humans, compassion. they love others pain, watching others humiliated, destroyed, the life just winked out .It’s sad, terribly sad, I won’t say I am ashamed to be an Indian. If these are humans, and they did this,I am terribly sorry to say, but I am ashamed of being a human.

    • it seems to me u have lost hope my friend..but dat is exactly what the government wants.
      dat we lose hope n sit down without questioning them. we can fight for price rise but we can’t fight for our dignity ? keeping quiet will not lead us any where. it is time for us to speak up anf take a step.

  2. Inspiring wishful poem .I am from the Arab world ,women are deprived to be free,women are oppressed by the male’s laws.They are captive of their own silence and fear.Have a healthy and happy new year..Jalal

  3. thank u again sir for liking my work. u have no idea what our country is becoming. we need a solid leader, as we are directionless. i hope the new yar brig with it direction toward which we can tread to uplift our dignity and soul.

  4. Thank you for liking my new post (l can’t Perceive) regards.jalal

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