Memory Of Memories

Pink in sky, scattered around

Little birdies flying high.

See your world rolling with clouds

Sitting by the window side.


Last of rays touch your lids

Sending sparkles in your mind,

A fleeting desire of reaching with

Your fingers into the golden sight.


White and grey all memories

Pop in and out of your head;

Rejoicing heart, for moments each

Bring back love that never stayed.


Now the sparkles go to bed,

Leaving behind a heavy heart;

The rendezvous comes to an end,

Disappearing into the past.


Eyes are closed as seconds pass

A chilly wind beckons me;

The day ends all so fast

A Memory of memories.


9 thoughts on “Memory Of Memories

  1. That’s really cool Pinkish !
    I am proud of you that you like blogin , you know this is first step towards ( sometimes ) getting famous. This your canvas fill it each day with your own thought .

    And keep up this awsm dreams ….. and do email me whenever you write your new blog …
    I will love to read it .

    Rahul Pandey,
    President and Founder,
    Ambassador of
    Web Manager of Sports Endeavors

  2. thank you sir. a journalist of your stature liking my poem is a big achievement for me. 🙂
    thank you for your blessings sir.
    and i really liked that poem forever love 🙂
    looking forward to read more

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