some things neva change

all the while when hope seems frill

sucked into the dreaded realm

of despair, far from peace

one things there through it all

the slight curve of on my besties lips

holding me from falling apart

with every moment making me strong


somethings neva change

even through the darkest time

that one face will make it feel right

waking up to her touch in the morn

nothng can be better than mum

a thread of a part of your tru self

is revealed by her when it gets worse


some things neva change

even after facing a storm

we don’t start hating the smell of wet soil

the first drops of rain greet us with joy

the gust of wind cleanses our mind

touches our soul and clarifies

our within, and what we are


cradled in the arms of life

listening to the lullaby

losing ourself in the rhyme

but waking up just in time

to relish things untouched by change

not crushed like the tidal waves

making life much meaningful

constant things are hard to find

but then again they are there

dont lose sight, just be aware,

yeah really, some things neva change.. 😉 🙂 ❤



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